Haweksdene FAQ’s

How much is the total price for a wedding?

There are three rate categories required for every wedding group – estate wedding fee, estate rental and estate dining.  Non-wedding groups do not pay the estate wedding fee but the other two rates apply.

  1. The Estate Wedding Fee is for everything ‘wedding’ related including my wedding planning team who will handle all planning & coordination and day of coordination, ceremony, rehearsal, reception and extensive amount of wedding décor including tables, chairs, linens, candles, signage, etc. Everything we have on property is included and available for your use.  All you would need to bring are your personal touches.
  2. Estate Rental is required and there is a two-night minimum stay in order to give you one full day on property to host your event and this includes exclusive and private use of the entire estate and grounds including 25 private bedrooms. The cost of estate rental is typically divided up and paid for by the onsite guests for their ‘all inclusive’ stay
  3. Estate Dining is required for onsite guests as it includes all meals, unlimited snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages, bar supplies, and service. All you are required to bring are alcoholic beverages and there is no additional charge for this.

To summarize, the cost of a wedding & stay here depends on the time of year that you stay, the number of nights you stay and the number of guests dining each night.  There are no other required fees or charges associated with a wedding or stay at Hawkesdene.

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Where are you located?

Hawkesdene is located in Andrews, North Carolona, conveniently located only 2.5 hours north of Atlanta and 1.5 hours west of Asheville in the heart of the Nantahala National Forrest.

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Can we come and stay without a wedding?

Estate rental is required as we host only one group at a time to allow our groups complete privacy, and we are typically booked every weekend during peak season. However we do allow for private cottage rentals in between weddings during peak season and during the off peak season so please feel free to inquire.

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Can we take a tour before booking?

Yes.  You are welcome to schedule a site visit and tour whenever the estate is not rented to another group, and you can refer to the estate availability calendar on our web site for open days.  Just give us a call at 828-321-6027 to schedule your visit.

Is there a damage or security deposit?

No there is no security deposit, pet deposit or cleaning fee.  Those fees are built in to the estate rental rate.

Can I bring in my own caterers?

No.  Hawkesdene has a talented culinary team creating virtually everything in house and from scratch, and since our onsite guests are required to participate in the Estate Dining plan we do not allow outside caterers.

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Do you have decorations or do I bring my own?

Yes.  We have amassed a very large amount of wedding and event décor that is on display in our Decor Barn.  Everything on property is included and available for your use as part of the Estate Wedding Fee.  All you are required to bring are your personal touches and things we do not have that you want included in your stay.

Do you do midweek weddings?

Yes we do and when weekends are full then we offer our reduced ‘off peak season’ rates for a weekday stay during our peak season.

Do you offer a rehearsal time?

Yes the wedding rehearsal occurs on property whenever the client decides.  We are flexible with the schedule since we are a private estate and host only one group at a time.

Are there any curfews?

There are no curfews so the celebrating does not have to end until check out.  However, we respectfully ask that loud music be adjusted down at 11pm so not to disturb anyone.

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Are you a bed and breakfast?

No.  We are not a hotel or bed and breakfast.  Hawkesdene is a private estate available for rent for your perfect destination wedding, reunion or special group retreat.

Is there WIFI at Hawkesdene?

Yes!  There is complimentary WiFi in all buildings throughout the property.

Do we have to rent for the whole weekend?

No you are not limited to a weekend but there is always a 2-night minimum stay required.

How late can we stay on the day of check out?

Check out on departure day is at 11am.  However, we do not kick you off property at that time.  All we ask is that you be out of the rooms so that we can enter rooms and begin cleaning.

Do Llama’s actually spit?

Yes but only at each other.   Our Llama’s and Alpaca’s are wonderful animals but they are still wild animals.  Just give them respect and they will do the same back to you.